TET was born to add a touch of magic to all your outfits! Dressing it up or down, it can surely compliment the look while allowing you to stand out in the crowd. Tania El Tal (aka TET) wanted to feel comfortable in her own skin but also feel empowered in her own style. With the thought that every woman deserves the same, she poured all her creative ideas and experiments in fabrics to make a brand that fits all styles and occasions. The TET is the perfect accessory to glam your outfit. It’s that touch of magic that effortlessly transforms your look. It’s handmade and the designs range from different patterns to textiles, empowering messages… These pieces compliment every style, every vibe and every woman around the world. So here you go, women can actually “have it all”, look beautiful, feel powerful and run around ruling the world in a TET!

“Trendy is the last stage before tacky.” – Karl Lagerfeld


Tania El Tal has consistently been a pioneer in creative ideas, related to all types of manual crafts, redefining them with a modern tone. Tania’s artwork spans from textiles to wood, … to objects of design, decoration and displays, with a meticulous attention to details. Combining her artistic vocation together with modern trends, her workshop is a representation of a diverse cluster of textile practices.
Looking back at Tania’s education and experience; Tania is born and raised in the Middle East. She pursued her artistic drive attending the School of Applied Arts and Technology at Seneca Collage in Toronto. Tania comes from a Marketing background with over 12 years’ experience in the GCC covering Brand Management, Social and Digital Marketing, Events Management, and Visual Merchandising across the retail, education, trading, and professional services sectors.
Her passion for arts expanded even more with her exposure to a diverse community. Looking at the little things in a crowded room, Tania ensured she always found the pieces, places and people who stood out. Conformity was never an option, and TET is no way near part of your norm.
All these experiences and passions blended with her dynamic personality created her drive to establish what is actually a part of her and now a part of you being TET.

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